Not Too Far Off: Softbank's CEO Believes Robots Will Outnumber Humans Within 30 Years

Masayoshi Son, the CEO of Japanese internet and telecommunications company, SoftBank Group Corp., believes supersmart robots will outnumber humans and more than a trillion objects will be connected to the internet within 30 years, reports the Wall Street Journal.

It is this prediction that justifies the company’s decision to enter into deals related to artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and smart robots. “That is why I’m in a hurry to aggregate cash to invest,” said Son in a speech at the telecom industry’s biggest trade show, Mobile World Congress.

The Journal reports that among the initiatives of SoftBank is a $100 billion technology-investment fund with a Saudi sovereign-wealth fund, buying British microprocessor designer ARM Holdings PLC for $32 billion and acquiring U.S. asset manager Fortress Investment Group PLC for $3.3 billion, reports the Journal.

Son said that while average humans had an IQ of roughly 100, superintelligent computers would have IQs of 10,000. He said computer chips possessing superintelligence would be put into robots that can fly and swim.

The chips would also be in everyday objects, says the Journal. “One of the chips in our shoes will be smarter than our brain,” he said. “We will be less than our shoes, and we will be stepping on them.”